I'm trying not to let what I think I know get in the way of what I feel, what I want, and what I see. It's harder than I imagined it would be. Sometimes I get close to what I want, and that's exciting. Other times the know-it-all won't let go and then I'm unsatisfied. It's like trying to return to how you drew or painted when you were a child. You didn't worry so much about what other people thought, or about rules or conventions, you just went with it. That's what I'm trying to do.

Sometimes I set out with a particular image in mind, or at least a subject, but more often I don't have any idea what the piece will be. I start with lines, blind countour drawings layered over each other, until something starts to emerge. Then I tease it out, get into the subject, and try to run with it from there. Sometimes I like the results, sometimes I don't, but there it is, a map of where I went.
I have strong feelings about lines, colors, and shapes. Certain shapes and compositions please me, and I return to them often. Others repel me and I sometimes explore those to understand why. I love French ultramarine, Naples yellow, certain shades of green, flourescents. I have always been fascinated with trees, clouds, landscapes, animals and the human form and they show up often in my images.
If anything I've posted here or on my blog affects you, I would love to hear about it. Feel free to comment, or to send me an e-mail. arnly7@yahoo.com