Paintings are for sale without matting or frames. I paint using archival quality paper (usually Arches 140 pound hot press) and with archival quality, light fast, pigments (paint, ink, pencil, etc.).

I ship anywhere in the United States using shipping tubes (the painting is gently rolled up, and put in a waterproof bag). Shipping and tax are included in the prices shown in the Gallery.

Image rights remain with Steve Emery - purchasing the original artwork does not grant the purchaser the right to use the digital image.

I will create custom paintings for buyers, but here's how it works... Rather than a traditional commission, I will take interesting suggestions from a potential buyer, who then has first right to purchase the result (or not). So feel free to contact me with a painting idea; it's risk free for you, and potentially inspiring for me. Paintings in my gallery which began with other people's ideas include: The Dryad series (four created before the one the buyer purchased), Sycamore House, Baou St Jeannet, and Cat Nap. Use the "Contact me" link to the left if you want to suggest a painting.
I don't paint portraits. I enjoy painting faces, but not to capture a likeness. Self portraits are an exception - then I only have myself to please or disturb when the painting is finished.