This is the fastest method (click the link to the left). They offer the prints in multiple sizes and at different price points. For best image quality I suggest no larger than 16 x 16 inches, but larger images are possible with lower fidelity. You can also order the print on canvas, metal, or other materials. fineartamerica will also mat and frame for you (for an added price).


I individually sign prints ordered from me directly and paid for by check, but the price is a bit higher, only one size is offered, and it takes longer. For this option contact me directly at arnly7 (arnly is an archaic name for the dobson fly larvae) at yahoo dot com. Prints are 16 x 16 inches, and cost $75 which includes shipping. Allow up to six weeks (I order and handle prints in batches every few weeks). They are shipped rolled in a mailing tube.


All prints are printed with archival quality inks, on archival quality paper.




It has been deeply rewarding and humbling to receive so much positive response to these images. I want to thank Candide Jones for having the courage to reach out to a stranger at the start of this project, and for seeing what might come out of our partnership.